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I loved the flavour of the chorizo and the addition of manchego made this feel and taste like a great quality product. These are a great idea and look quite novel and exciting.

The business owner called the police, but when officers arrived she claimed they told her to 'Google' whether or not she could escort the litter cops off her property.

Unfortunately they don’t taste of much as the freezing has taken its toll and the sweet chilli overpowers any remaining prawn taste, but still a fairly good bargain canape.

This is a bumper box of frozen Oriental party bites - there’s spring rolls, wontons and a prawn moneybag.

The Sainsbury's chorizo sliders were a great example of this; whilst they were received to rapturous response, I was already over them having completed about four different stages with them before they were ready to go.

Chicken skewers always get a warm reception, and whilst they may not be the most exciting party food in the world, they were one of the most popular.

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And with some chains charging as much as £1 per canape, it’s hard to know which is worth your money.

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